Cadaver Tanks and Racks
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Cadaver Tanks and Racks


Hydraulic Cadaver Tanks

Cadaver tanks are used for preservation of bodies and organs, made of stainless steel, hinged lid has silicon seal which prevents evaporation of preservation liquid and offensive smell.

Possible features:

  • Equipped with suction
  • Mobile with 4 or 6 castors
  • Hydraulic mechanism
  • Explosion proof
  • Double panels
  • Perforated shelves with protection around

Different kinds of tanks can be manufactured on request of a customer.


Racks are suited for body tray LM or coffin plates and can be installed in a mortuary refrigerator LKZ or a cold room KR. Lift and transport carts LTW-MHY are used to put body trays and coffin plates to the racks. The shelves are adjustable.