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Thalheimer blast freezers TPS-U excel by outstanding reliability, efficiency and safety. Air ventilation fans freeze products very fast from + 25° C down to -35° C by means of directed stream of cold air. The blast freezers can be used in industrial, research and pharmaceutical laboratories. The blast freezers can be manufactured in different sizes according to our standards or customer’s needs.


Air stream temperature adjustable from -50° C down to -75°C (tolerance ±1,5° C)

Ambient temperature:

Up to + 30° C

Exterior material:

Powder-coated sheet steel white

Interior material:

Stainless steel 1.4301( AISI 304)


150 mm polyurethane CFC-free,
heat transfer coefficient 0,13 W/m2K


Hermetically silicon-sealed, locked with a key, enhanced with chromed and stable hinges with balance mass

Cooling machine:

Hermetically sealed, air-cooled, vibration-free, with 2 stages cascade switching mechanism, refrigerating agent CFC-free at 1st stage R507a, at 2nd stage R23

Temperature control:

Digital micro-processor temperature control




Optical and acoustic, additional terminal allows connecting to a remote control alarm system


400V 50Hz 3ph. Other voltage on request


Moveable with 4 castors

Standard Volumes:

Any volume on request

Exterior material is sheet steel coated with white color, while interior material is stainless steel, but it is possible to use stainless steel as an exterior material.

Polyurethane foam with very low heat transfer coefficient 0,130 W/m2 K is used as insulation.

Our blast freezers are equipped with
-digital temperature display,
-microprocessor temperature controller,
-integrated temperature and blackout alarms which can be connected to remote alarm control system and
-other features
that make the use of the blast freezer convenient and efficient.

Our blast freezers have low noise level, are easy to clean and meet better hygienic requirements.
The blast freezers can be manufactured in any size – from 75 l to 700 l.

Our ability to satisfy any wish of our customers regarding colours, size, surface materials and way of serving the equipment indicates our strength in particular.
We do not produce mass-products – we find answers.