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Thalheimer freezing cold rooms excel by outstanding reliability, efficiency and safety. The freezing cold rooms were designed to meet the needs of industrial and research laboratories and keep interior temperature from +0° C to -25° C at ambient temperature up to +32° C. The freezing cold rooms are perfectly suited for storage of big amounts of all kinds of samples. The freezing cold rooms can be manufactured in different sizes according to our standards or customer’s needs.

The camlocks system guarantees stability and tightness of the freezing cold rooms and makes possible later extension of the cold room or dismounting for moving. We offer you the wide range of cold rooms which represents 30 standard sizes with 3 different heights. The cooling machines can be mounted on the top of the cold room, alongside on the wall or remote. Freezing cold rooms can be manufactured as a normal or explosion-proof model. The door is 80 cm wide; the height depends on the height of the cold room. The doors of the freezing cold rooms are equipped with heavy chromed hinges and chromed lockable push-in safety lock.

The floor of the cold room is made of non-slip and waterproof sandwich panels with possible wheel load of 200 kg per a wheel and high wear resistance.

Preservation temperature:

0°C  to -25°C (tolerance ±1.5° C) digital indication

Ambient temperature:

up to +32° C/up to + 43⁰ C on request

Exterior material:

Stainless steel  type 1.4301 (AISI 304) OR hot galvanized sheet steel enameled

Interior material

Stainless steel type 1.4301(AISI 304) OR 0,8 mm thick  hot galvanized sheet steel coated with enamel


Polyurethane, CFC-free, high density foam 100 mm thick, heat transfer coefficient
0,20 W/m2K


Vertical construction, door frame heating on request, locks can be opened from inside by pushing even if locked by the key


Non-slip and water proof

Cooling system:

Can be mounted on the top panel, alongside the refrigerator or remotely, hermetically enclosed, air-ventilated, vibration-free, refrigerant R134a or R404a CFC-free, automatic time controlled defrosting, safety thermostat, microprocessor controller

Alarm system:

Signaling at temperature instability, voltage 230 V / equipped with accumulator in case of power failure on request, can be connected to remote alarm control through potential-free terminal


230V/50Hz/1ph/ 16 A (other voltage on request)

Optional accessories:

Interior light with separate switch or door contact-switch,
Blinds for ceiling and sides,
Rack systems made of  stainless steel with sheet steel or grid shelves, height adjustable
Water-cooled refrigeration system,
Humidity control,
Additional cooling system automatically switches on if failure occurs