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Transport Carts


Cadaver Cover AH is made completely of stainless steel type 1.4301 (Aluminium on request) and matches the body tray type LM. The cover´s surface is grinded, carrying handles are on both sides.
The cover is absolutely resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants.

Dimensions AH
1900 x 620 x 340 mm

Transport cart LTB has rugged, torsion-resistant frame structure of stainless steel.
Stainless steel roller track containing 5 carrying rollers of corrosion-resistant material and noise absorbing plastic coating is moulted on top of the cart.

Dimensions LTB
2150 x 550 x 620 mm

Lifting and transport cart LTW-MHY has rugged, torsion resistant frame of stainless steel (material 1.4301, ANSI 304) with integrated hydraulic pump for vertical adjustment.
The vertical adjustment is easy done by UP/DOWN lever.
LTW-MHY-A fits to transport obese corpses (max. capacity 300 kg).
LTW-MHY-W has integrated weighing scale which enables to weight a body on the tray.
LTW-MHY-D is rotatable.
LTW-EHY has integrated electro-hydraulic pump for vertical adjustment.

Dimensions LTW

2150 x 750 x 300 mm min
2150 x 750 x 1650 mm max

Variants : rotatable, tiltable, special height, roller track transverse, with a scale, steel lacquered, electric-hydraulic 12 V